The Berry Magic Family  The Mez, The Grif, and Cozy
The Berry Magic Family The Mez, The Grif, and Cozy

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We have an exciting new venture underway.  The entire Berry family, The Mez, his wife Cozy and their son Griffin have developed an amazing stage magic show under Berry Magic.  The show is designed around our 7 year old son Griffin who has a habit of vanishing to other dimensions, floating around the stage, and appearing through floors.  And although Grif is young, this is not your typical children's birthday magic show.  This is a show worthy of any stage and suitable for any age.  It includes full size stage magic illusions, doves, a rabbit or two, and a whole lot of laughter.  It's more than a magic show.  It's unique high quality professional entertainment that can perfectly fit the bill for your next event.  From birthday parties, weddings and social gatherings to major corporate outings and seminars, the Berry Magic show will play a huge part in making your event a success. 


For more info, contact us at email- or call us at 715-213-6009.  Check out the vid and pic gallery.