Chapter 12

Wake Up!



Throughout the course of history, we as a people have been taught many things as truths, which in fact are not.  History goes to the victor.  Over the generations, those who have won the right and gained the authority have taught these truths as they saw them.  Each generation reinforcing them until they have now become our unquestionable way of life.  So many of these truths are just plain wrong but so ingrained into our society and subconscious minds that we don’t ever think of questioning them.  Until now. 

Whether you believe it or not you have been hypnotized.   By definition hypnosis is a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.  You don’t have to be induced into some altered state to be hypnotized, you just have to be responsive to suggestion from a higher authority.  From the time you were in diapers until now, you have depended upon a higher authority to guide and direct your life.  To teach you right from wrong and show you how to live your life.  It’s the natural process of life.  We naturally seek out a higher authority to teach us.  As humans, we have the instinctual need to learn in order to survive.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have the ability to know if what we are being taught is correct.  We accept it as truth simply because we receive it from a source that we consider to be the authority.  We have nothing to compare it with so we believe it.   The sources of authority can be anyone from your parents, teachers, friends, politicians, actors, athletes, etc.  Whoever or whatever you set up in your mind as that which can answer the questions.   Authority can be harsh, rash and overbearing or it can be gentle and persuasive.  It comes in many forms and molds us into many shapes.

When I do my hypnosis shows, I am the authority and my volunteers have accepted me as such and therefore accept all my suggestions as truth and then allow those suggestions to become their reality.  In a one hour show, I can have my volunteers do amazing things that make it appear as though I am in complete control over them.  In a way since they have allowed me to be their authority, I am, but they at any time could simply say no to my suggestions and wake up.  They are the ones who are in control, but what’s the fun in that?  It’s more enjoyable to go with the suggestion.  It’s easier to just take the suggestion and run with it.  There’s no conflict and it’s all good.  Many people I hypnotize say after I wake them that they didn’t want to come back because they were so relaxed and content while in the state of hypnosis.  It’s easier when you can play in your imagination and you don’t have to face the real world.  On an adult level, that is what’s going on all over our world right now and if we don’t wake up soon, we are going to destroy not only ourselves, but the very planet we live on.

We have been hypnotized into believing lies given to us by what we perceived as proper authorities.  Until maybe this very moment you may have never had reason to doubt or dispute them.  We were actually told by the very authority that told us the lies that we should never doubt them.  It was wrong or a sin to even question them.  Religions, spiritualism, governments tell you to have faith in them without doubt.  I doubt that.  I doubt anything that claims to be an absolute over me and threatens ultimate punishment if I don’t comply simply because they said so.  Doubt can be a good thing.  You should doubt everything.  Doubt leads to questions, questions lead to answers, answers lead to truth and truth leads to freedom.  Don’t be afraid of your doubt.  Admit it, acknowledge it,  share it, confront it, resolve it.  It’s the only way to get all that crap out of your head.  

Whether you believe in god or some other divine being or no god at all is not the issue here.  Apparently, people need to believe in something.  That’s fine.  Just know what you believe in and stop pushing it on others.  Share it if you like but know that your way is not the only way or even the right way.  I don’t care who you are or what you say you believe in.  I don’t think like you and you don’t think like me.  Religion is nothing more than an hypnotic state of mind handed down through the eons of our existence.  If we don’t wake up soon from this state of mind, we will rip ourselves apart.  

The population is growing exponentially across the globe, global warming is a real thing, famine and disease are rampant especially in the third world countries, fossil fuels are being depleted, our educational systems are being undermined, family values are being challenged and being overturned, and all because a “loving god” is up there watching over us, allowing us to learn from our mistakes or punishing us for being evil or it’s all part of his master plan or whatever else is out there.  WAKE UP people.  I don’t know for sure if there is or if there isn’t a god but I do know for sure that the misuse of religion as we claim it, is the root of all that is evil in our world.  If there is an antichrist, it is the church.  Religion has defiled whatever was good and true about a belief in a divine and loving god.  How many “holy wars” have been fought in the name of god where both sides claimed the other as being the evil ones?  An infidel is in the mind of the attacker.  Wars are fought because one side wants what the other side has or because one side believes differently than the other side and refuses to compromise for a peaceful settlement.  How many have died in the name of god in order to defend his honor.  If he’s so powerful, let him defend himself.  In Leviticus, god wanted to wipe them all out because they wouldn’t listen to him but Moses pleaded with him and so the unchanging god changed his mind.   If you disagree with what I am saying here and are even getting angry and upset, good. Dispute what I am saying.  Prove me wrong but do it with facts and not simply based on a hearsay faith.  Study and show yourself approved.  Know your own scriptures and stand on them.  Otherwise you are nothing more than a wannabe.  Your belief is in vain and your words and actions are worthless.  I knew a man once who believed fire was hot and that it could burn until the day he stuck his hand into the fire and knew that it was.

I know that what I am saying is maddening to anyone who believes in god or has invested their life in their religion and until my “hot tub epiphany” I would have been right there with you.  In fact, in my days with the church, I rebuked anyone who said anything that contradicted my belief in the church.  I would wipe my feet of anyone or anything that talked against my beliefs or the church as a whole.  But then again, that’s what I was taught to do.  That’s the built in survival mechanism of the church and any mainstream religion.  If it is in conflict or contradicts in any way with what you are told to believe you are to turn away from it.  It is evil and or of the devil.  You should have nothing to do with it.  I wish I could just count to three and snap my fingers like I do on stage and everyone would wake up and come to their senses but that’s just not the case here.   People are not going to wake up so easily.  People need religion.  It fulfills the basic needs of man.  The three essentials are food and shelter, a social order, and a purpose for why we are here.   Religion satisfies all of these with a god who provides for their needs.  He can both give and take away.  So it’s best not to piss him off and the best way to piss him off is to doubt him.  So you better not pout, you better not cry, you better not doubt I’m telling you why, ‘cause whatever god you believe in is going to cut you off at the source and leave you hanging.  It’s time to wake up and see religion for what it truly is.  A hypnotic dream based upon a millennia of handed down ideals that have been reinforced over and over again generation after generation each telling the next that they are unquestionable truths that must be obeyed and held in their hearts with an unwavering and unyielding faith.  

There are three basic ways to wake someone out of hypnosis; the hypnotist who originally induced the hypnosis counts the subject back up, the subject rejects a suggestion made by the hypnotist and wakes up on their own, or over a period of time the subject simply wakes up as if from a deep sleep.  In order for me to be able to wake you from your hypnotic state, I would have to be the original authority who put you under.  Since I am not that person or unless you give me the authority to act in place of that authority, there is little I or anyone else can do.  For you to wake up, you are going to have to do it on your own similar to my hot tub epiphany where I simply woke up from my state as if from a deep sleep.  I finally put the pieces together and rejected the suggestions that had plagued my mind for so many years and woke up on my own to the light of the truth and it wasn’t religion.   It was an understanding that god was nothing more than a creation of man to fulfill a huge hole in my life.  Without god, the hole was back and to fill it, I needed to become my own authority and get a lot of answers to a huge pile of questions.  I have spent the remainder of my life doing so and no longer need to believe in a god to get through a day.  It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it.

Because of the suggestions for religion to be a true way of life are so strong, it may well be impossible for many people to be able to do what I have done.  Because of the depth of the suggestions, they know without a doubt that their god is real because of their faith in him and because how could it possibly be otherwise.  It’s their entire way of life and how could I or anyone suggest that what they know to be true is wrong?  Hypnosis is a powerful thing especially when it has been so mightily reinforced generation after generation.  Their entire way of life is based upon these false beliefs but to them they are 100% true.  So were mine.  Even though I have come to this great epiphany, some of the hypnosis is so deep and strong that I am still as yet unable to let it all go.  I found that I had to hang on to some things in order to let the larger, more harmful things go.  And there are a lot of wonderful things that I will hold onto forever.  A great deal of the teachings are my life structure only now I am the authority which gives it strength.  I firmly believe in the morality of the ten commandments and the golden rule as a philosophy of life, but not in an all seeing, all knowing omnipotent, omnipresent being that guides my every predestined step.  Man wrote the texts and scriptures and man created god in his own image to justify and satisfy his needs and wants.   

I have hypnotized literally thousands of people and I can tell you that when they are in a hypnotized state that there is nothing anyone can say that would change their understanding and focus on the suggestion that they have accepted.  I often give the suggestion that a person has a different name.  I will suggest that their “name is something completely different and that this name is the one that you were given at birth.  Any name that you may have previously had no longer exists in any way shape or form.  If anyone were to call you by that other name, you would not respond to it because it is not your name.  Never has been your name.  However the new name is the one your mother gave you at birth.  It’s your name and no one can tell you different.”  When I bring them back up, they will only respond to the new name even though their name tag has their real name printed right in front of them.  I even have them pull out their driver’s license with the photo ID and they ask me how I switched the names.  Nothing I or anyone else can say at this point would sway the subject from believing in their new name.  Until I reverse the suggestion or the subject rejects it, the new name will stick.  Religion and a belief in a divine power is just such a suggestion and until the suggestion is reversed or rejected by you, it will dominate your mind as a truth and you will believe it to be true.  

It’s like believing in Santa Claus.  To a child, Santa is as real as a christmas snow until that one year when the child starts to put the pieces together and doubt creeps in.  As an adult you are able to rationalize out all the unrealistic aspects of the man in the red suit and you pass him off as nothing more than a jolly old holiday icon.  You can do the same thing with religion if you can understand that religion serves the same basic principles as Santa only on a much deeper level.  They are both fabrications of the mind in order to satisfy your needs, pacify and control you.  With Santa, the child must behave himself or Santa won’t bring him gifts.  If he does behave himself, Santa will bring him whatever he asks for.  Santa also knows all and sees all.  If you want something from Santa all you have to do is ask him.  I remember as a kid, I would go and sit on the mall Santa’s lap and ask for all sorts of wonderful toys and gifts that I wanted.  But it didn’t matter what I asked for, he never brought me what I asked for, instead he brought me whatever he wanted and thought I needed and I was supposed to be happy with it because he knew best.  Religion is very similar where god is Santa.   He knows what’s best for you and if you are good little boys and girls and do as he says, then he will give you the desires of your heart or at least the things that he thinks are best for you.  But if you are not a good little boy or girl, he will punish you and tell you to learn patience.  

Again, the only way to realize this for yourself is to Wake Up.  You are the only one who can do this for yourself.  The only being who is going to give you the desires of your heart is you.  There is no god out there controlling the weather or your next promotion.  There’s no deity guiding your every step or watching out for your best interests.  There’s no genie that’s going to grant your every wish or be at the beck and call of the universe.  We are alone on this world and we are responsible for it and to it.  We can make up all the excuses we want for the circumstances that we are in but ultimately we got ourselves into this mess and there is no one else to blame.  There is also no one else who can get us out.  Unless we wake up and are renewed in the spirit of our minds and put on a new self we are all but lost. (Rom 12:1-2)  We must put off our old self, which belongs to our former manner of life and be renewed in the spirit of our minds.  We must put on a new self.  (Eph 4:22-24)  

There’s some good stuff in the bible that we should all give heed to but in light of the unaskable question, “What if god doesn’t exist?”  what should we do with them?  We should hide them in our hearts.  I am not as familiar with the texts and scriptures of other religions as I am with that of the bible, but I have read through many of them and have a general understanding of their philosophies.  (A great book to read is Huston Smith’s, The World’s Religions”)  The teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and many other primal religions must never be ignored, only read in a different light.  If there is no god, then these scriptures were written by incredible men, inspired by man for the benefit of man.  For example, Romans 8:38 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  We just need to determine for ourselves if not god, whom then do we love and to what purpose are we called.   Is there such a thing as predestination or is life an adventure unfolding one step at a time.  We must also be careful in our overestimation of ourselves as Paul also says in Romans 1:22, “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”  

Though it may seem awkward and unwise to use scripture to prove my point about the non existence of the religion they proclaim, it is actually self serving in that it shows that at the base of it all, we are a good hearted people.  If we can put all of this knowledge and wisdom found in the scriptures and texts of the worlds religions together and understand the main point of this book, then we can heal our world.  We must come together and put aside our differences and our gods and realize that there is no other solution than to be a united people.  I know this concept scares a great deal of christians because of the prophecies of Daniel in the old testament and John in the book of Revelation about the beast and the antichrist and about how a one world order was to come and would be under the rule of satan.  All I can say to this is that if it is to be then let it come.  If god does exist, he gave John this revelation and apparently condones it as a means to justify the ends.  Otherwise as a caring and loving god he wouldn’t allow it to happen.  I do realize that the prophecy calls for a rapture of some sort (though the word rapture is never actually used in the text) where god removes all of his chosen from this troublesome time.  The rest of the ungodly are left to fend for themselves and work out their own salvation.  It seems that every major religion has a similar account for the end times and that their god will save his chosen and everyone else is done for.  Let’s hope for your sake you were born in the right country and were taught the right religion so you have the right god.  Otherwise, you’re screwed. 

On the other hand if god doesn’t exist, then nobody is screwed and these prophesies are the insight of a man while in a trance like state similar to hypnosis who saw what he believed to be the end times.  I myself have premonitions about my own future.  They may just be wishful thinking or fears that I manifest through the use of my own IMR and they are based on my personal observations and understanding of my own life’s journey.  John was looking way into the future at a possible outcome for the human race.  Every religion boasts of it’s prophets and seers.  The mind is a very powerful organ and who knows what it is capable of in regards to seeing the future.  We give a lot of credit to these prophets and if we angle it right can convince ourselves that their prophecies have and will come true.  

If we were to come together under the banner of a world order, it would cause a great deal of chaos, trouble and strife before it would ever bring about a solution because people are not going to want to give up their gods and their religions and their way of life.  The hypnosis is too strong and the mind too easily manipulated to let it go.  They will fight till their dying breath to preserve their way of life.  There are also those who would try and take advantage of a religious coup.  They would assert their own authorities and claim powers that were never theirs and initiate their own agendas now that religion was out of the way.  It would be a total upheaval of our entire way of life.  Religion is so engrained into our psyche that to remove it would require generations of re-education.  Still even then because of the very nature of man to seek out his higher purpose, religion would always be a faction of our society.  So what then is the answer?

It’s not an easy one.  Religion has become the checks and balance system by which our world is governed.  There is not a square inch of this planet that’s hasn’t been touched by it.  Governments, dynasties, kingdoms have risen and been destroyed by religion.  Multitudes have been both saved and killed in the name of religion.  There is not a moment in time that goes by when some aspect of religion does not apply.  What then are we to do with it once we know it to be no more than a fabrication?  There is only one real solution.  After all is said and done, I propose that we leave it the way it is and let each man, woman and child decide for themselves.   I can’t be the only one out there who has had this epiphany.  Others may read this and say that this is nothing new to them.  Each person must make the decision for themselves or else we would be doing the same thing this book is fighting against.  I can’t just sit here and tell you what to believe or not to believe.  It has taken thousands if not millennia of years for religion to evolve among the people of this planet.  It will take time to de-evolve.  From the beginning of religion, every generation has created their gods according to their needs and belief systems.  Each passing generation modified and or strengthened their religions in the minds of their offspring as their needs and belief systems changed with the times.  Soon religion and the belief in a supernatural god or deity seemed natural and was accepted as the norm.  Having a god makes sense to most people.  Not believing in a god made absolutely no sense at all.   You must decide what makes sense to you based on what you know and not simply on hearsay.  Most of all we need to stop teaching religion as a fact.  Let each person discern for themselves what is good and right and true.

Let me relate a story I actually heard from the pulpit when I was a boy.  A young mother was teaching her daughter how to prepare the holiday ham according to the family tradition.  She carefully took the ham and with a knife cut off the end pieces and discarded them.  She then placed the ham into a pan and with the same knife made a series of diagonal cuts across the top of the ham.  She then decorated the ham with cloves, other spices and finally brushed on a special secret family recipe glaze.  As they put the ham into the oven, the daughter looked at her mother puzzled and asked her why she cut off the end pieces.  The mother said she didn’t know.  It puzzled her, too so she called her own mom whom she had learned it from and asked the same question.  Her mom said she didn’t know either but that she would call Grandma and ask her because that’s who she learned it from.  Grandma replied, “I don’t know why you cut off the ends.  I did it because my pan was too small for the ham.”

I don’t remember the point the preacher was trying to make with the story but what I get from it is that it is so easy for ideas, belief systems, religions to be handed down generation after generation without challenge and be accepted as truth until finally a question is raised.  In this case, the question was answered because we were fortunate enough to have the one who started the tradition still around to explain.  With religion, we are not as fortunate so we have to come up with our own answers which is many cases cause disagreements and lead to division.  In the case of the christian church it has lead to the creation of new denomination after new denomination.  Every time someone had a disagreement or a different interpretation of the scriptures, they would splinter off into a new denomination.  In a way that’s how the United States got here.  You could say it was a new denomination. 

We created god for many reasons but one of the most important is that we don’t want to think of ourselves as simply being a cosmic hiccup or a chance happening.  Of man’s basic needs, finding food and shelter, social interaction and that of realizing his purpose, realizing his purpose and understanding why we are here is the ultimate question.  God is an answer to this question.  We are here to serve him.  That’s why god made us.  That is our purpose.  If we serve him, he will take care of us in return.  Take god away and we are lemmings again.

Ultimately, man is destined to destroy himself and vanish from the timeline of eternity and no one, if there is any one else out there will ever know that we existed.  Having a god solves this problem for us and in most religions promises a here after or a life after death.  I am reminded of the movie, “Short Circuit” where the robot, Johnny 5 who had come to life jumped on and accidentally killed a cricket.  He asked for the cricket to be reassembled without understanding the finality of death.  We are the same way.  We have come to believe that we have a soul and that because of this we have the ability to supersede the laws of life and death by creating a belief system around a god that promises a heavenly life after death experience for all those who qualify.  Great happiness, wealth and joy and in some cases virgins await the faithful.  Some religions create levels of the after life from the ultimate eternal peace and joy to the very depths of a fiery damnation in the bowels of hell.   Some religions believe in reincarnation and second chances and even third, fourth or even unlimited chances until you get it right.  

Whatever the belief, religion, or god, it’s all based upon the desire of man to fulfill his needs.  We all have questions and religion provides the answers.  Answers based upon an invisible faith and doctrines handed down from countless generations.  I woke up and found the truth I had been searching for my entire life.  I plead with you now and even beg of you to wake up from your hypnotic slumber.  Open your eyes and mind to the truth of what I am saying and snap out of it.  Religion and god do not give you your strength and they do not answer your prayers.  Cosmic genies do not grant your wishes.  They give you false hopes and security and take away from you the one thing that is rightfully yours.  Your authortiy.  If you’re okay with this, then live on in your world but don’t push it into my world.  I won’t push mine into yours.  It’s about time god met his maker.  I am my own authority.  I am not a god.  I am a man who is in charge of and responsible for his own life and those under his care.  I make my own decisions and cause my feet to fall one step at a time in line with my chosen destiny.  I am not a bad person.  I do no harm to others and treat others with courtesy and respect as I would have them do to me.  I pray to myself and give myself counsel.  I seek wisdom and counsel from others but make the ultimate decisions myself.  A god is no longer necessary in my life.  If I need food and shelter, socialization and structure, and to find a purpose for my life, then it is up to me to cause these things to happen.   I believe in me and the strength of community and I have great faith in a world that can come together united under one banner without dissension and prejudice and religions bickering.  This world is my home.  Stop screwing it up.  Wake up and join me.  Together we can save this world and make it a better place to live for us and our children and our children’s children.  Armageddon is not the answer and does not need to happen.  Religious wars and persecutions must come to an end.  Wake Up!