Mezzed Up!

Comedy Hypnosis and Motivational Speaking

We offer our show to Corporate Events, Colleges, High Schools, Home Parties, Pubs, Special Occasions, Festivals, Fundraisers and more.  No show is too big and no show is too small.  The Mez will cover them all!

The Mez at Cal State University Monterey Bay
The Mez at Cal State University Monterey Bay

We call our show Mezzed Up! because that's the way of The Mez.  It's how he sees the world and what happens to his volunteers while on stage.  The Mez offers a variety of packages that will suit virtually any audience or venue.  From small groups to audiences in the thousands, his show will engage each individual and make them feel as though he is speaking directly to them.  His message is timely and relevant in this day and age of the self absorbed culture we live in.

The Mez offers a stand alone Comedy Hypnosis show and a motivational talk designed for any size group or you can have a combination of the two.  This is usually the preferred show as you get all of The Mez.

However, The Mez can also provide shows ranging from a 45 minute demonstration and talk to a full weekend conference with discussion groups.  The Hypnosis show and the motivational talk generally run between 45 minutes to one hour each and combined up to two hours.  During the combination show The Mez demonstrates hypnosis using volunteers from the audience bringing them up on stage and while under hypnosis, has them do some of the most hilarious things.   He then follows with an inspiring motivational talk about the power and control of the subconscious mind and how you can make sure that you are the one in charge and control of that mind.  During the talk, the Mez performs a bit of slight of hand magic and uses appropriate comedy situations to illustrate his ideas and make his point.

To learn more, watch some of the videos posted on this site or contact us via phone or email.

This is a short promo vid for the Mezzed Up! book.