The Mez is a masterful showman.  He is not only a master hypnotist but also a sleight of hand magician, stand up comic, and motivational speaker.  He introduces each of these elements into his presentation and each moment is filled with hilarious anticipation and wonder as to what will happen next.  Exactly what, no one really knows because each presentation is unscripted with the focus being on your venues needs and desires. Even though The Mez will make a hypnotic suggestion with a certain intent, each volunteer will put their own twist on the suggestion and go with it wherever their mind takes it.  Situational comedy at it's best.



If you are looking for a comedy show, then there is no need to look any further.  Though hypnosis is only a part of his show, it is hilarious to say the least and The Mez is one of the best at what he does.  He is a master showman and it shows with each performance.  He is very respectful of each of his volunteers and will never place them in an overly embarrassing situation.  He has hypnotized thousands of people, a few dogs, a couple of chickens and even a turtle.  (Not sure if the turtle really went under.  He was a little hard to read).   During the show his volunteers lose body parts, forget numbers, have babies, become aliens, meet their favorite celebrities, go into space, and even win millions of dollars.  You never really know exactly what to expect other than a show that your guests or clients will talk about for years to come.

The Mez plays well off his audience and encourages participation bringing many up onto the stage involving them in his antics.  His comedy magic and standup are contemporary and unique.  If you stop laughing, it's only because you need to breath.  



Every once in a while, people need a good kick in the pants to get them going again.  The Mez is all about being your own authority in every thing you do.  He uses hypnosis demonstrations to show how susceptible the mind is to outside authorities and how easy it is to be taken in by them.  He also shows you how you can take back control and become and maintain your own authority in your own life.  It's very powerful and can be life changing when applied to your daily lives.  The Mez knows how to get his point across so that it makes sense and he can mold it and shape it to fit virtually any situation, cause or venue.  If you are trying to increase your sales, rejuvenate your company, inspire your guests, or just reboot your team with a good kick in the pants, then The Mez is the one for you.   When people are laughing, they are listening and when they are listening, they are learning.



The Mez is not a guru but what he teaches can change your life.  Every day we blindly accept the teachings of religion, government, science, etc without question.  The Mez suggests that instead we question it all and find out the truth.  It's okay to ask questions.  In The Mez's opinion, if someone won't answer your question, they either don't know the answer themselves or they are trying to hide something.  Know what you believe in because you found the answers yourself and your belief will not only be stronger, it will be genuine.


Because I said so!

That's the reason my parents always gave and if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for you.  So go ahead.  Hire The Mez.

And if you haven't already done so, check out some of the Mezzed Up! show videos on the vids page.